Marble Onyx Chess Sets

Vintage marble chess sets made of onyx combines the timeless elegance of classic board games with the enduring beauty of natural stones. It’s not only a tool for gameplay but also a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and artistry from a bygone era. Whether you're a seasoned player or someone simply entranced by the beauty of fine craftsmanship, onyx chess sets from Marble Island promises an experience that's as visually delightful as it is intellectually stimulating.

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Understanding Onyx

Onyx is more than just a stone, it's a testament to the grandeur of nature. Derived from the Greek word 'onux', which means 'nail' or 'claw', onyx has been revered since ancient times. This naturally occurring banding of chalcedony, a type of quartz, displays sinuous patterns, a mesmerizing interplay of colors like blacks and whites, and a luminescence that's nothing short of enchanting. The stone itself seems to weave stories of epochs gone by.

Why Choose Marble Island for Your Onyx Chess Set?

Ever held a marble chess piece, felt its cool touch, and been entranced by its intricate veins? If you're someone who gets that tingle of excitement from such experiences, you'll know that Onyx lamps and chess sets aren't made the same. Browse Marble Island: not just a brand but a promise of something special in the realm of marble creations.

Unmatched Craftsmanship

At Marble Island we don't just make chess sets, we pour our heart and soul into each piece, marrying top-notch craftsmanship with the most exquisite marble make each a decorative. It's a labor of love!


We are passionate about staying true to the real deal. We handpick the finest marble, so when you play on our best-seller, the black and white onyx marble chess set, it's more than just a game. You're literally touching a slice of Earth's past, playing on a board that sings of nature's raw beauty and strength, making your game not just a battle of wits but also an interaction with a piece of Earth’s history.

Durability and Longevity

Beyond aesthetics, our chess sets promise longevity. Using top-grade marble and sealing processes, we ensure that your onyx chess set remains pristine for years as a decorative piece.

Worldwide Recognition

  • Marble Island isn’t just a brand; it’s a seal of excellence recognized globally. You get more than just an onyx chess set when you choose Marble Island; you get a piece that is cherished by chess and marble fans around the world.
  • Marble Island isn't simply a name on a label. It's a worldwide badge of top-tier quality marble decor. When you pick any of our onyx chess sets whether it's vintage green chess set or luxury black onyx chess set, you're not just getting a game board; you're joining a community of chess lovers and marble aficionados who value the best of the best.

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