Marble Island Elegant Marble Chess Set 15 Inches - White and Black Onyx with Storage

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► 15 Inch Marble Chess Board
► 32 Handcrafted Chess Figures
► Secure Packaging. Each order is carefully inspected before shipping
► Velvet Storage Case to keep Chess Pieces and Board safe and Easy to Carry

Dimensions: 40 x 40 Cm (15 x 15 Inches approx)
Weight: 7.5 Kg (approx)

Product Description

Presenting our refined white and black onyx chess set, meticulously sculpted for the discerning player. Craftsmen carve each piece from pristine blocks of onyx marble, ensuring precision and elegance in design.

The board, forged from white marble, contrasts beautifully with the black onyx pieces, creating a visually stunning playfield. Beyond its function as a game board, it stands as a testament to intricate craftsmanship and design.

Sturdy in design, each marble chess pieces exudes confidence, making it not only a tool for strategy but also a piece of art. After your game concludes, securely store each piece in its dedicated compartment, ready for the next match.


Precision-Crafted: Skilled artisans hand-carve each chess piece and board from genuine onyx, offering a playing experience that's both tactile and visually stunning.

Gift of Distinction: Looking for a memorable gift? Our black and white marble chess set, encased in a protective velvet-lined box, serves as both a game and a statement of luxury.

Timeless Design: The contrasting hues and natural patterns of the white and black onyx set it apart. Ideal for avid chess players and lovers of fine design, it promises longevity and admiration for generations.

Care Instruction

Compatible with Natural stone cleaner and warm water. Avoid using acidic substances

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