Marble Island 15 Inches Marble Chess Set - Black and White Onyx with Storage

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► 15 Inch Marble Chess Board
► 32 Handcrafted Chess Figures
► Secure Packaging. Each order is carefully inspected before shipping
► Velvet Storage Case to keep Chess Pieces and Board safe and Easy to Carry

Dimensions: 40 x 40 Cm (15 x 15 Inches approx)
Weight: 7.5 Kg (approx)

Product Description

Upgrade your board gaming experience with our artisanal marble chess sets, each piece carved masterfully with onyx marble, promising a luxury touch to every move you make. Get your hands on timeless marble onyx chess sets, intricately crafted from pristine blocks of black and white onyx, each chess piece resonating with the lavish charm of nature's masterpiece.

What can rival the sensation of true gameplay? Discard those ordinary chess boards and let your fingers glide over the silky smooth surface of our onyx chess set. Feel the weight of luxury and history in every piece, each echoing tales from grand palaces and royal courts.

Our chessboard itself, a majestic platform of black marble, compliments the black fossil onyx chess set, creating a breathtaking tableau that beckons both players and onlookers. It doesn’t merely serve as a playing surface; it's an awe-inspiring piece of art.

Solid in build, each marble chess piece stands with gravity, perfect not just for an intense game but also as an objet d'art, poised and captivating in every gaze. And when it's time to put them away, tuck them into the plush sanctuary of in-built storage, ensuring they remain pristine and always ready for the next strategic battle.


Hand-Crafted Elegance: Made with the essence of pure onyx, every chess piece and board is expertly hand-carved and polished, promising not just a game, but a transformative experience — an exquisite addition to your space.

Gift of Opulence: Hunting for that unforgettable gift? This luxury marble chess set, nestled in a rich velvet box cushioned with protective foam, is your answer. Not only a gift of a game. but of stature, promising to surprise your loved ones.

Statement Piece: Let this natural, untouched beauty of the black and white onyx chess set captivate you. With the board’s inherent veining and color variations, it stands as a testament to nature's artistry. Perfect for both the passionate chess enthusiast and the connoisseur of luxury, it's an heirloom waiting to be passed down through generations.

Care Instruction

Compatible with Natural stone cleaner and warm water. Avoid using acidic substances

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