Marble Island Onyx Lamp Handcrafted - Luminary Bamboo

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Dimensions & Features:

Width x Height: 4 x 12 Inches
Weight: 3 Kg
Type: Bedside / Table Lamp / Nightstand lamp
Bulb Type: E14/Small (Included)
Plug Type: US / UK / EU / AU
Maximum Wattage (per bulb): 40 Watt
Product Care: Clean with a dry cloth only. Do not use liquid or abrasive cleaners on this product

Product Description:

We love to present our bamboo designed handcrafted onyx lamp, a witness to nature's delicate artistry. Our onyx lamps cast a soothing glow over your interiors, bringing about a calming presence that stands as a beacon of comfort in life's storms. It’s an invitation to experience a harmonious blend of nature and history, connecting the soul to millennia past.

Onyx, seen in ancient palaces and worn by monarchs, has marked history for ages. Now, the ethereal allure of this marble table lamp welcomes you, whispering tales from the sands of time. Each glow illuminates memories of an age when craftsmanship was an art and beauty was a treasured legacy.

This luminary bamboo creation isn’t born from automated machinery; it’s brought to life. Our passionate artisans, who've inherited skills passed down through generations, breathe soul into every curve and nuance. The onyx night glow lamp  is more than just a lamp. It’s a masterpiece, a proof to the union of nature's grandeur and human ingenuity.


Handcrafted Heritage: Beyond mere manufacture, every inch of this marble lamp sings praises to the timeless skill of artisanal craftsmanship. Each facet of the Whisper of Eons is a canvas of dedication, precision, and love.

Gifting Elevated: Imagine the joy of presenting not just an onyx lamp, but a slice of history, enveloped in nature's beauty. Whether marking a new beginning or celebrating old bonds, this bamboo onyx lamp luminary remains unparalleled in its charm.

Enchanting Transformation: It stands as a testament to one's aesthetic sensibility. It’s more than decor; it's a tale, a journey, and a reflection of soulful elegance.

Nature’s Serenade: The revered onyx, known for its grounding energies, now takes center stage in your abode, marrying seamlessly with both modern minimalism and vintage grandeur.

Care Instruction

Compatible with Natural stone cleaner and warm water. Avoid using acidic substances

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Customer Reviews

  • It came fast and was..

    Posted by Laqeita

    It came fast and was packaged well.

  • Beautifully crafted Warm light,..

    Posted by Emelda

    Beautifully crafted Warm light, Very inexpensive for the quality and craftspersonship ?????

  • Lovely lamp, seller kind enough to...

    Posted by Athy

    Lovely lamp, seller kind enough to select a lamp for me that did not have any large brown patches but just striations and they included the bulb...

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