Marble Island Onyx Cremation Urn for Adults. Marble Urn Carved from Onyx Stone

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♡♡♡ Marble Island ONYX URN FOR ASHES ♡♡♡


Width x Depth x Height: 8 x 8 x 9 Inches (21 x 21 x 23 Cm)

Material: Natural Onyx Stone


● Dimensions: 8" Width x 8" Depth x 9" Height
● Color: Natural Onyx
● Capacity: 207.5 Cubic Inches / 3.4 Litres
● 100% Real Onyx Marble
● Quarried from a natural resource
● Finish: Smooth Hand Polished
● Top Lid can be sealed with any DIY adhesive.

Product Description:

Introducing our modern urn for ashes - a lasting piece that holds dear memories. Made of fine onyx stone, it shows deep love and breathtaking beauty. Perfect for those wanting to keep loved ones near, this urn captures your connection in a truly special way.

The deep, evocative sheen of this unique ash urn resonates with tales of eternal love, echoing the connections we form with our beloved. It's not merely a resting place for your loved ones but a symbol of a life lived, of stories shared, and of promises that transcend mortality.

This isn't a factory-made artifact. Our marble urns for human ashes are made with true passion - each crafted by hand and shaped lovingly by our dedicated artisans. It sings songs of dedication, evokes emotions, and recounts tales of shared moments.

Envision its place in your home: A soft sunbeam pierced through the window, illuminating the urn. Its majestic aura becomes the center of the room, drawing memories from the depths of hearts and minds, bringing solace and comfort, and forever bridging the distance between the realms of memory and the present.

Key Highlights of the Eternal Harmony's Onyx Urn

Crafted with Soul: Each marble ash urn is proof of our careful handwork. Every detail by the craftsman fills the onyx urn with love and respect, all set to safeguard special memories.

An Unparalleled Tribute: This isn't just a keepsake. It's a tribute to moments, laughter, tears, and bonds. It's a declaration of undying love, preserved for eternity.

Embrace the Legacy: More than just a resting place, this onyx urn serves as a beacon of memories, evoking tales and stories, forever capturing the essence of a soul.

A Touch of Eternity: Onyx, loved for its durability and appearance, acts as a memory holder, fitting right in with modern designs and keeping your dear one near to your heart.

(Suitable to hold the cremation ashes of an adult)

Care Instruction

Compatible with Natural stone cleaner and warm water. Avoid using acidic substances

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